Australian Indigenous Art

In 2016, Mossgreen achieved $1.8 million of sales in two Australian Indigenous & Oceanic art auctions. The outstanding Spinifex & Sand Collection in April 2016 achieved over $1 million and our tightly curated annual auction achieved just under $800,000 in June 2016.

Works of art by some of this country’s greatest artists, including Emily Kame Kngwarreye and Paddy Bedford achieved excellent results in 2016, along with early Papunya boards as more collectors recognise the importance of including them in their fine art collections. There was increased interest in indigenous works of art from traditional collectors of Australian and International art as our clients sought to enhance their collections, which we expect to continue in 2017.

We continue to favour works that are sourced through an artist’s principal relationship as we believe that it is under these conditions that the highest quality works of art are produced. Works of art from artist communities are our preferred source, or an artist’s prime agent (there are various artists that operate in this category). However, given that over time artists travel and paint for different art communities, that art communities change as do artist agents, and that sometimes there is more than one prime agent (for example, an art community and private agent), the acceptable provenance for some artists can be complicated. We make every effort to research and understand the circumstance of every artist to ensure that we offer works of art which are not only ethically sourced, but are also the best examples of artists’ works in our auctions.

Our team of specialists are available to offer advice on provenance as well as assistance in buying and selling at auction.

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Please contact one of our specialists listed below for a complimentary valuation or advice on buying and selling at auction.


Shaun Dennison
Head of Australian Indigenous Art

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