How to Sell

Whether you are considering selling an individual item or an entire collection, Mossgreen’s team of specialists are available to advise and assist you and are committed to achieving the best possible results on your behalf.


The first step to selling at auction is to arrange valuation of your item or your collection. You can do this by requesting a complimentary online auction estimate, by bringing your item/s to one of our regular Valuation Days in Melbourne or by contacting one of our specialists to arrange a private appointment. You can find the relevant specialist for your item or collection by clicking on Departments, above, or by contacting us at

Auction or Private Sale

Once your item or collection has been valued, our specialists will advise on whether or not your item or collection is suitable for auction and the most appropriate auction format. Depending on the estimated value of your item or collection, this could be as part of one of our regular multi-vendor auctions or as a stand-alone single-owner auction, a category Mossgreen specialises in.

Another option is for Mossgreen to offer your item(s) to our extensive database of active buyers via a Private Sale.

Our specialists will discuss all of these options with you and guide you every step of the way.

Consignment Agreement

Once you have agreed an auction format and estimates with our specialists, you will be provided with a Vendor Consignment Agreement. This agreement will include all fees, services, terms & conditions associated with the auction or private sale of your property.

Packing & Shipping

Mossgreen can also assist with the packing and shipping your item(s) to our salerooms. Please click here for further information.

After The Auction

After the auction you will receive a Vendor Report which will include the winning bid for your item(s) and any associated costs, such as Vendor Commission, to be deducted. If your item(s) did not sell, you can speak to one of our specialists to discuss your options.

If you have any further questions or would like assistance, our team is always happy to assist and can be reached on +61 3 9508 8888 or by email at

Please also see Frequently Asked Questions.