Trusts, Estates & Appraisals


Trusts, Estates and Appraisals

Our Trust, Estates and Appraisals team provide services to professional advisors, fiduciaries, executors and beneficiaries for the disposition and valuation of personal property assets. Whether it be a single item or an entire estate, we aim to provide a seamless auction and appraisal experience from the initial appointment through to settlement.

Appraisal Services

We begin the appraisal process with a preliminary evaluation of the property in order to determine the range of the collection and identify which of our specialists will work with you. Depending on the location of the property, we will provide an on-site walkthrough or review available listings and photographs.

Our specialists understand the unique needs of each estate and provide tailored services accordingly. Fees for formal appraisals are based on the time and number of specialists required to evaluate the property. Should you consign any of the property, these fees will be refunded pro-rata.

When property is ready to be sold, we will provide a listing with auction estimates and a proposal for the sale including commissions and the Terms & Conditions.

Please contact us at or +61 3 9508 8888 to discuss your requirements.